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About Us

The Sports Therapy Community has been specifically designed to support Sports Therapy clinic business owners to attract more patients and increase revenue, so that they can earn the salary that they deserve.

Why You Should Join?

If you want to take action & be part of a supportive Community of clinic owners, so that you are no longer isolated or working alone in your clinic business.

If you want to learn how to keep patients coming back for high-quality care.

If you want to develop new tactics and strategies to take home the salary you deserve.

How do I join?

I am Kristian Weaver, the Creator of the Sports Therapy Community. You have made a great decision to join, and we will get to know each other really well once you’re inside.

Here is what to do next...

1. Click the request to join button and create your log in profile. Once complete, it could take up to 24 hours for approval.

2. Check your emails for your approval email.

3. Download the App so that you have access anywhere, anytime.

P.S. if you want any more information then visit the website www.sportstherapycommunity.co.uk

Please note that the Sports Therapy Community is for qualified Therapists. 

What do other Sports Therapists say?

"I feel less isolated and more confident when asking questions. I have also started to do more research which is definitely improving my clinical skills. It definitely feels good to have someone in my corner."

Gemma P., South Coast

"It is the best decision that I have made. A brilliant Community to bounce ideas off and get the support that every Therapist needs. Monthly journal articles keep me up to date with the research. I highly recommend the Community to all Therapists.”

Naomi H., Gloucester

"Within the first month of joining The Community, I found a great new job and received valuable and helpful advice from Kristian himself about job interviews and my career."

Julie L., Oxford

"Kristian has gone above and beyond what I expected him to do in order to help me since I signed up. He gave me great advice for an application and provided feedback. The website is also full of information, blogs and research, as well as building a community of likeminded Sports Therapists. It has given me the mentorship and guidance to continue to progress as a Practitioner that I felt I was missing since finishing University and going it alone."

Amber G., Worcester

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